Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Volunteers Travel - The white lion

Kevin and Mandy Richardson’s animal sanctuary is a well-established predator facility, home to many of Africa’s top predators, such as hyena, lion and leopard. The Big 5 game reserve, an initiative of the government, and a project still in its development stage, has still much to do. Both the sanctuary and the private sector of the game reserve are run together with Kevin and Mandy Richardson. You might recognize Kevin’s name from a series on National Geographic called “The Lion Ranger” or his book “Part of the Pride”. Kevin is a well-known lion and hyena behaviourist, constantly amazing people with his interactions with predators, in a way that most of us can only dream of. Witness a side of predators that you cannot see in the wild or by merely watching a documentary, an experience that will leave you amazed by the beauty and magnificence of African predators. Be a part of this development is a once in a life time experience and you will leave knowing and having experienced what it really takes to develop such a project. Also see the rare and special white lion only found in South Africa.


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