Saturday, February 9, 2013

Three lion cubs in zoo Colombia

Three lion cubs enjoy their first day in the sun after their recent birth at an ecological preserve in Cali, Colombia.


The healthy young cubs, born just two weeks ago, were let out into their outdoor enclosure to start exploring under the ever watchful eye of their mother, named Lemon.

 "These animals are surrounded by the right conditions to reproduce and we have seen this not only with the lions but with other species. In this particular case, we have a pride of two females and one male. Lemon became pregnant three months ago and she made us immensely happy by having triplets," said Cali Zoo Communications Manager, Susan Posada.

The cubs are following a strict diet that is supervised by veterinarians and largely consists of milk for the first two months.Afterwards they will move onto solid foods such as meat so they become strict carnivores.

Source: ITN News

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